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...when two parties have a dream to realize ....

...when two parties have a dream to realize .... -     Bigon   Matteo


My father always told me that the secrect for to have a prosperous company is the ability to give satisfation to their coustomer .

We planing with coustomer the collection , we also evalue the possibility to brand with the coustomer name . privat label service.

Toghether with coustomer we also  consider the possibility to open Flag Botique , and we can consider to sign distribution contract in exclusivity for determinated area .

 -     Bigon   Matteo


Using our internals designer , we can follow the request of coustomer for create private label collection .

We are using many supplier for our components for realize the shoes , in order to have a possibility to move on a very wide selection of materials .

Italy has been nominated the number one in producing of rubber sole , and we are cooperating with the biggest Sole supplier of Italy .

For the lethaer used on upper , we use only Italian Tinnary , in order to be able to obtain always punctual delivery and have the possibility also to made a coustomized letaher that can give us the possibility to create exclusive articles .

Our staff is always searching for new components , and moving all arround europe visiting all the fashion city of Europe like Berlin , London and Paris for report the new trend taste each season . 



Fairs and Exhibition

Since the first ediction , we was present at THE MICAM Shanghai , and with the precious help of our partner OTTIMO ltd we have a permanent Showroom in Guangzhou , that is well know as the City of Shoes in all china .


From next July 205 we will partecipate also at the reborn SHOES FROM Italy , in wich will be presented the new collection California Construction , and obviously all our collections .


 -     Bigon   Matteo

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